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“Imagine your own best friend.  Someone you’ve known for almost your whole life. Someone who used to laugh and tell you jokes, and showed you his new Wolf badge from Club Scouts, and chased frogs with you around the creek behind your grade school on Friday afternoons. Someone who, just yesterday, you skipped school with. Someone you always thought you knew.
Now imagine that, in front of nowhere, that friend turns around and guns down over a dozen people.”
- Brooks Brown, No Easy Answers.

“James is an extraordinarily gifted student who is very dedicated to his academic pursuits. He takes an active role in his education, and brings a great amount of intellectual and emotional maturity into the classroom. 
He is passionate about a career in science and seeks out opportunities to learn as much as possible about his chosen field of interest, and how he can positively contribute to the world.”

Response to order regarding revised advisements filed April 29, 2013:
“As the Colorado Supreme Court recognized…a defendant’s own thoughts, desires and opinions about a plea may be ‘a manifestation of mental illness’ lacking ‘a plausible grounding in reality,’” they/defense wrote. “That is one reason why Colorado’s insanity statute provides a mechanism for entering a NGRI plea over the objection of a defendant in some circumstances.”
That paragraph speaks volumes, I think. 
If James is still not well, how is he supposed to make a decision that will effect the rest of his life? 
“Holmes’s lawyers have also repeatedly expressed their confusion and objections to certain language in the advisement. In the most recent filing, they note that it requires them to certify that Holmes “expressly asked” them to enter an insanity plea on his behalf.” ***
Obviously they feel that James has not and/or will not. 
Links to motions filed Febuary 28, 2013.
Read the motions below. And as a reference, here are links to the laws mentioned in the motions: C.R.S. 16-8-106, C.R.S. 16-8-103, C.R.S. 16-8-107 and C.R.S. 18-1.3-1201.
Motion for Definition of ‘Cooperate’ as Used in C.R.S. 16-8-106 or to Declare the Statute Unconstitutionall..
Motion to Define ‘Mental Condition’ as Used in C.R.S. 16-8-103.6, 16-8-107(3)(B) and 18-1.3-1201(3)(D) or D…
Motion to Preserve Constitutional Rights and Request for Advisement Prior to Entry of Any Plea Pursuant to…
Motion Regarding the Scope and Nature of Any Evaluation Resulting From Any Plea Pursuant to C.R.S. 16-8-103…
Motion and Brief to Declare C.R.S. 16-8-103.6, 103.7, 106, 107 and 18-1.3-1201(3)(D) Unconstitutional
“If he/James does not cooperate, the advisement states that he would not be allowed to call his own psychiatrists at trial to present mitigating evidence about his mental condition.”
If James refuses to cooperate with doctors and psychiatrists, it will hurt his insanity defense. I’m sure the defense is very concerned about this. 
“The judge in the Aurora theater shooting case has settled on the advisement that he will read to James Holmes should the suspect plead not guilty by reason of insanity.”
Filed March 7, 2013
Order Re: Defense Motions
Filed March 8, 2013
Motion for Order to Arapahoe County Sheriffs Office
Order Regarding Motion for Order to Arapahoe County Sheriffs Office 2
Filed March 11, 2013
Order Regarding Advisement on Plea of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity